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"The Moral Capital of Italy"

✏ Most people are extracted on Rome as the politic and valid capital of Italy. However, Milan was given such a title was not only because Milanese still express a strong campanilismo [ sense of identity and pride to the place of one's birth ], but they also refer to the inhabitant's sense of innovation, production, efficiency, and huge morally positive work ethic. It also succeeded on keeping wide-awake of tidings in Italy, although stereotypicals of Milan being an 'industrial, dull, bussiness-oriented' are still adhere.

"What do you need to know?"

✏ It is the second-largest municipality in Italy, and the capital of region Lombardy. It's urban area is the 5th largest in EU and the biggest in Italy. Due to rising number of international immigrants, 15.2 % of Milan population is foreign born. This city is the main industrial, commercial, and financial center of Italy. GaWC had ranked it as an Alpha world city in 2010 and currently the 41th most important global city.

✏ Milan is the heart of Po River in northern Italy, between Ticino and Adda river. It's territorry is entirely flat, having the highest point being 122 m ( 400.26 ft ) above sea level. Great sweep of the southern flank of the Alps lies on the north. Between the mountains semicircle, there's a zone that arid toward north but swampy near Po, which turns to be mashy groves and rice fields.

✏ The climate is humid subtropical. Snow falls in December - February, and average temperatures could fall below freezing levels in winter. Skies are clearer and humidity levels are higher in summer. While spring and fall are generally pleasant. By the Po Basin characteristic, fog often shrouds the city, especially in winter. This has been offset by the city's industrial pollution.

"Mia bela Madunina~"

✏ The Madonnina [ Madunina ] is a statue of the Virgin Mary atop of Domm de Milan. The Madonnina spire was erected in 1762 at the height of 108.5 m ( 365 ft. ). There's no building in Milan that higher than Madonnina, in tradition. Which is why when towers such as Pirellone and Palazzo Lombardia was built, the replica of her was always put on the top.

✏ The Madonnina was subject for Milan's unofficial athem by Giovanni D'Anzi ; O mia bla Madunina. It is said to be a musical answer to a song from Naples ; O sole mio . Sure, the lyrics give some praise for the Neapolitan song, but it gives Milan much more mention. They address the Madonnina whose domination the city is vibrant with life and always busy. It ends with an offer to shake hands because it's a small world, but Milan, is a great Milan.

"Oh bej! Oh bej!"

✏ This is a fair that held from 7 December ( day of Milan's patron saint, Ambrose ) until the following Sunday. The actual fair was firstly established on 1510, when Giannetto Castiglione, delegate of Pope Pius IV, visiting Milan by carrying boxes full of sweets and toys. A cheerful crowd followed him to the Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio, including Milanese children who cried 'Oh bej! oh bej!' [ oh so nice! oh so nice! ] upon receiving the gifts.

✏ Saint Ambrose [ Sant Ambroeus ] was an Archbishop of Milan who became one of the most influential ecclesiastical figures of the 4th century. He was one of the four original doctors of the Church. He was appointed on December 7, 374 AD. Influences of the Saint spreaded on the city toward centuries, from Ambrosian ( or Milanese ) Rite, until the short-live Golden Ambrosian Republic [ Aurea Repubblica Ambrosiana ] of Milan.

"Wouldn't wear a mask."

✏ Meneghino is a traditional character from Commedia dell'arte that associated with the city. He plays a major role in Milanese carnival [ Carnaval Ambrosian ] and local marionette shows. Meneghino is a witty servant, but also honest, sincere, and has strong sense of justice. His sincerity is symbolized by the fact that Meneghino doesn't wear a mask, unlike most commedia dell'arte characters. During Risorgimento, he's the symbol of Milanese revolutionary movement against Austrian oppresion.




[[ semi - hiatus ; currently revamping this back ]]

C i t t . d i . M i l a n

~ ✺ ~

The first word he'd considerate as human name is Campus [ plain ] , given by Rome on early ages. Milan changed his name much after the Empire's fall, much as many conqueror that took over the city. He forgot most of them--but it's not like he would tell you, anyway. Around the 900th, he started to stick with a simple Italian name, Carlo [ man ] . He also took the surnames Alberti [ bright nobility ] when rivalries rised on the neighborhood. Maria is a middle name that the man used only on his time as a Duchy.

- - ☚

By appearance. he looks like on his 24. But Milan has been exist since 2408 years ago, actually. He born around 396 BC, but the choosing date for his birthday was the foundation day of Duchy of Milan ; May 11th 1395.

☛ - - ☚

Sharp facial features ; rectangle face-type, thin lips, and long, pointed nose. Carlo's hairs are deep brown, short and messy though he always slick it casually to back (except at home) . He sport a pair of dark blue eyes. The man stands in height of 179 cm (5'10'') .Average built of body, usually covered by suits, since he does work 24/7. Other than that, his style is casual and all of his attires are obviously top designer brand.

☛ - -

You can see him usually doing the work as a city, as well handling Italy's financial and bussiness tasks. When there's time, he stood beside designers to give some critique and contributes few article for local art magazine.

☛ - - ☚

Carlo lived at an apartment in Greco, a quarter in Zone 2 of Milan. He has a holiday / weekend house at Rho, although when the man doesn't strolled somewhere far at summer, he always stayed somewhere on Emilia Region.

- - ☚

Oh my beautiful Madonnina
you shine from far away
you're golden and tiny
you rule over Milan

at your feet life goes fast
no one wastes his time
everybody sings "far away from Naples you die"
but nevertheless they come to Milan

So, come, not fear
we'll give you a hand
people are the same, the whole world over
but Milan is a Great Milan

When your Robin Hood grows into a financial advisor.

Perfectly reflect a businessman when you see him at the first. Workaholic and industrious.

Succeed on putting the best of decent manner ( esp. at countries ) and always capable at handling emotions. You should get your problems done before shed a tear.

Oh, that scary frown? Well it's Milan at a good day.

He can't easily put some sympathy or even empathy toward everyone. But atleast he tried to.

If not block by the good manner, Carlo would spill out any critiques and judgement whenever he want to. They sounds harsh, but usually hit the right point.

While this man doesn't actually fit any Italian stereotypes, don't ever mention that he would fit better in other nations. He got some huge Padania pride alright.

Honest at heart. Would prefer to stay quiet or hurt you rather than spoke a sweet lie, and Milan never understand why someone could take a pride of works they done with cheatness.

Low self-esteem but you wouldn't see it behind the good confidence. Quiet a smug if he's handling with cocky people too, but can be humble if needed.

If Carlo snap at you it'd be either by ; you've gone too far on striking his fellow Italian or his own pride, or he cares about you who just done something recklessly.

Stop putting trust on people somewhere in his teen age. Milan never expected too much, but goes accepting and stand everything by his own.

He'l be honest on whether he won't or can't giving you a favor. But one he says yes, expect a strong responsible on his own words.


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"Hello. You wouldn't happen to be Milan, would you?" he asked, quiet so the humans walking by them didn't overhear.
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